Back Pay… On The Way

For those of you who don’t receive staff email, we have new information regarding back pay.

I am pleased to announce that retroactive pay will be paid out to Library employees on the September 15, 2013 payroll deposit. We owe thanks to Stephanie Pratt and the City payroll team who have worked very hard over the past 3 months to manually calculate each employee’s retroactive pay going back 3 years.  This was, as you can imagine, a difficult and time consuming process.

Please hold any questions you might have until after you have reviewed your September 15 pay stub. Please pass this message along to any co-workers who do not have access to email.

While I’m not quite ready to rejoice that they have burned the midnight oil to get me the money that should have been mine 3 years ago, I am indeed glad it is coming.

Difficult and time consuming? You bet. Let’s consider that the next time we sit down at the negotiating table. Negotiating in good faith and reaching a timely agreement will benefit us all.

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About that back pay….

We finally have a new (old) contract as of mid-May. However, the back pay owing from three+ years without a contract still hasn’t arrived. We’re a small workforce of 250. How long does it take??

Whenever we ask, we’re told ‘the City of Saskatoon is working on it.’ Not a great answer but that’s all we’re told.

The back pay is our money. It is unfortunate there is no requirement to receive it within a  a certain period of time. Or, how about paying interest on this overdue money?

For many, the bills piled up while we were waiting for a settlement and the back pay is not only welcome but necessary. It’s a shame that after a dragged out contract agreement, the back pay is also dragged out.

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Thank-you ad published

We’re so grateful for all your support is the theme of newspaper ads being published on behalf of Saskatoon Public Library workers.

Here’s the ad appearing in today’s Saskatoon StarPhoenix.

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Thank you!

The members of the CUPE 2669 Bargaining Committee want to thank the following people for their support in achieving a new contract for Saskatoon Public Library workers.

  • members of the CUPE 2669 Strategy Committee who spearheaded the multi-faceted public awareness campaign and this blog
  • all the members of CUPE 2669, the public and other locals who took part in the awareness activities of information pickets, rallies, parties, photo shoots for media ads, buttons and postcards
  • everyone who sent a letter, email or postcard to the Library Board or City Council, urging a fair contract, and those who attended Board and Council meetings
  •  CUPE National for funding the superlative radio, TV and newspaper ads, buttons, postcards and signs and providing their creative and tireless communications staff Beth Smillie and Janet Szliske for our cause
  • Rhonda Heisler, our CUPE staff representative for her guidance, persistence and diligence at the bargaining table
  • CUPE 2669 shop stewards and Executive for organizing and keeping members informed
  • Don Kossick, Michael Murphy, Stan Macala, David Forbes,Tom Graham, Larry Hubich, Kelly Harrington, Bette Sadoway, Don Kerr, Brian Siemens, Mike Sheridan, Brian Zamulski, Honor Kever and Terry Harris, among many others
  • members of CUPE 1975 (University of Saskatchewan), CUPE 1594 (Regina Public Library) and CUPE 8443 (Saskatoon Public School Division) for comparable wage rates, qualifications and job duties

With all of your help we achieved a contract that library workers could ratify. It took more than three years and a lot of effort from many people. Yet this is only the first step in the fight for fair wages for Saskatoon Public Library workers as the agreement just ratified by both sides expired on March 31, 2013.

We know now what we can achieve when we work together. We need to let our Employer, the Library Board know that we will not wait another three years for a new contract and we will continue to fight for fair wages.

Thanks for your support!
Dolores Douglas
Sue Emson
Lois Grant
Deanna Jenkin
Donna Stowell
Jane Vibert

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Saskatoon Public Library workers have a contract

CUPE 2669 Vice-President Dolores Douglas speaking at a library workers' rally last fall in front of Frances Morrison Library, one of many rallies to support a fair contract.

CUPE 2669 Vice-President Dolores Douglas speaking at a library workers’ rally last fall in front of Frances Morrison Library, one of many rallies to support a fair contract.

Members of CUPE 2669 who work at the Saskatoon Public Library finally have a contract. On May 15, the Library Board ratified an agreement reached last week during mediation. CUPE members voted in favour of the deal on May 11.

The contract  covers a three-year period already worked – from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2013.

“This is a first step,” says 2669 Vice-President and member of the bargaining team, Dolores Douglas.
For full details of the media release, click here.

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New agreement ratified

Saskatoon Public Library workers tonight voted 91.5% in favour of ratifying a new contract.

The deal they approved was reached two days ago with the help of provincial mediator Jim Jeffries during contract talks with the Employer. The CUPE 2669 Bargaining Committee, which represents the 250 library workers, had recommended accepting the contract.

Details are not being released until the Saskatoon Public Library Board votes on the agreement at its next meeting on May 15.

The library workers have been without a contract for more than three years, since March 31, 2010.

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Tentative agreement!

A mediation session today between the bargaining committees of CUPE 2669, representing Saskatoon Public Library workers, and the Library Board has resulted in a tentative contract agreement.

Details will be released at a special membership meeting on Saturday, May 11. The 2669 bargaining committee encourages members to attend and cast their vote on this deal.

The 250 unionized library workers have been without a contract for more than three years and working under the provisions and wages of an agreement that expired March 31, 2010. Contract talks broke off November 2, 2012 after the Employer presented an inadequate ‘final offer.’ Wages and the Employer’s demand that CUPE 2669 sign off on any future provisions for pay equity were at the heart of the dispute.

Congratulations to the CUPE 2669 bargaining committee for its hard work, patience and perseverance in reaching a tentative agreement.

The May 11 meeting is at the Albert Community Centre at 12th Street East and Clarence Avenue, starting at 7 p.m.

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